Landlocked – Linda Saul

New exhibition coming to the Peacock Gallery by Linda Saul

22 September – 11 October 2018

My themes are the interaction of the elements with the built environment,
the structural geometric forms of buildings, the passage of time – decay,
weathering, adaptation, repair or ruin.
Having spent my early years living on an island, I retain my love of the
coast and my work features landmarks such as lighthouses and harbours.
Currently landlocked in Berkshire, I find myself looking locally and to
London for inspiration, exploring the collage of textures that is the city as
modern structures engulf the architecture of previous centuries.
I am excited by the unpredictable marks that arise from the physical
properties of watercolour, such as the rivulets formed by flocculating
pigments. I collage different paper textures, tearing back and scratching
the paper surface repeatedly producing rich layered effects.

Landlocked – Linda Saul poster


Beneath – Helen Lunn

21 April – 10 May 2018

The exhibition is about surface and depth, exploring the outer and inner environment. Landforms and water bodies echo the human body, both externally and internally. I will be showing textural, mixed media paintings around this theme.

I work by building up layers of media, creating surface and depth in my paintings. Each work is an exploration of an outer environment and response to the material. I am inspired by land and water, which echoes the external environment and internal body. My work is an expression of my inner world which sometimes comes as a surprise!