Pulling Strings – The Engine Room

Coming soon to the Peacock Gallery…

2 – 16 December 2017

In, Pulling Strings, our latest exhibition, The Engine Room seeks to observe and define how we are both puppeteer and marionette and deconstruct that relationship: to notice not only the strings that are pulled but the hand that guides them. We do not necessarily contend that influence or control are in themselves undesirable but that we require awareness of how we are being persuaded and the consequences of that persuasion.


The Engine Room is an independent arts and mental health project initiated by a group of creatives with enduring mental health issues for individuals living with mental health issues across our local community. Our aim is to create a space for individuals to access independent free thinking creative experiences of quality with professional facilitators that will promote empowerment, recovery and healthy human development in a nurturing and safe space across our local community through a programme of weekly drop in sessions. Our wish is to enable individuals and groups with mental health issues to connect with our local community to look at creative ways of how we can nurture and help build mentally healthy communities and society as a whole, through peer supported arts programmes.