Secret Life of Body & Mind – Rebecca Swainston

24 September – 13 October 2016


Rebecca’s beautiful paintings, prints and drawings are expressive, vibrantly colourful and psychologically charged. The work features powerful and memorable figures with animals, common objects and intricate patterns, woven together with a challenging narrative.

The work explores the human condition; it’s complexity, vulnerability and strength. You will find in her work ideas about the physical body, relationships and the conscious and subconscious mind as well as the shear joy of being alive.

Themes of transformation, misunderstanding, transgression, memory and projection and these ideas are often carried by the presence and characteristics of the non-human creatures.

The images arise from her visual observations and personal experiences as well as from beliefs and events in her own and other cultures.  Rebecca’s skilled draughtsmanship shows itself throughout, in the vitality and responsiveness of her line and the variety of her mark making.

A visit to see Rebecca’s work will give you an insight into a unique creative vision and leave you with some memorable and intriguing images.

Rebecca will be available to talk with you about her work at the Private viewing on 24th September as well as on the last Saturday 8th October.


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