Cutting Edge – Cath Baldwin

Cath Baldwin – Artist Statement

In recent years my work has been focusing upon the experiences of daily life; some positive, some negative, a reflection on paper of the times in which we live. For me on occasions the straightforward act of applying ink to paper can act as a restorative, a means of emptying the mind and calming the emotions. The smallest things can set the creative process in motion – from a newspaper headline to a fragment of conversation, somehow these things get caught and images begin to appear in response.

In my day to day life I work as an art tutor in a college, a job that enables me to combine personal and professional interest. I believe there is immense value in being both an educator and artist, the students enjoy the knowledge that their tutor not only teaches but is also a practioner.  It affords them the opportunity to view works and then discuss directly with the author. It’s a form of proof that we do indeed have some understanding of what we teach.

The most recent works in the exhibition are a slight departure in working methodology for me, and a return to the traditional, using paper cut stencils for silkscreen. However, I do recognise there are still similarities with cutting lino – the need for focus, to invest much time and the impossibility of rushing, which I feel nicely summarises why I choose to engage with print.


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