Beneath by Helen Lunn

Come and see our new wonderful exhibition by  the artist Helen Lunn now on at the Peacock Gallery until 10 May…




Beneath – Helen Lunn

21 April – 10 May 2018

The exhibition is about surface and depth, exploring the outer and inner environment. Landforms and water bodies echo the human body, both externally and internally. I will be showing textural, mixed media paintings around this theme.

I work by building up layers of media, creating surface and depth in my paintings. Each work is an exploration of an outer environment and response to the material. I am inspired by land and water, which echoes the external environment and internal body. My work is an expression of my inner world which sometimes comes as a surprise!

Organic – Jo Jones

New Exhibition coming soon …

3 – 22 March

Sculptural and hung textiles work based on organic structures. The main body of work is hand dyed wool and silk fibres which are machine embroidered and embellished with silk rods and cocoons. The pieces explore the theme of ‘organic’ looking at microscopic cell structures and the intricate patterns and formations that they create.

• Private View: Sat 3 March 13:00 – 15:00